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June 1st, 2011

My best friend Briana, aka Breezy did not believe me when I had originally told her that I randomly glance at the clock at exactly 9:26 either in the morning, or the evening, and sometimes both times, every… single… day.    That is enough to drive a girl crazy, but in the spirit of sharing (cuz sharing is caring), I started contacting her via text, phone, social media, with every glance, and she soon was not only convinced of my plague, but inadvertently joined me in this affliction.

I don’t know the exact moment this started, but I do know it was around the time my oncologist unilaterally decided to turn me into a bulimic.  Yep, I had breast cancer at the lucky age of 20.  I say lucky because I was too young and naive to think I was going to get anything but better…and I really feel that was what cured my disease.  I guess I can give some props to the vomit-inducing chemotherapy, skin-irritating radiation and femininity-stripping double mastectomy…(who else do you know that would go to such great lengths for an insurance-funded boob-job?!).

Even though I walked away with complimentary “enhancements”…

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